Those Letters Won’t Draw Themselves

I designed this quirky letterpress piece for the group exhibition, I’d Letterpress The Shit Out Of That!. The show’s irreverent theme, which combines lettering and letterpress with each designers’ expletive filled expressions, was devised in an airport departure lounge. 

Myself and several other speakers were returning from the Typism 2 conference, awaiting for our flights. Discussions turned to letterpress and we were told that the printer, Amy Constable, regularly declares, “I'd Letterpress The Shit Out Of That!” whenever she sees a beautiful and compatible piece of artwork.

I decided that for the sake of authenticity I would draw the comic lettering and decoration in pencil and ink and avoid using the computer. I knew that the little imperfections and wobbles would be rounded out when printed and increase the tactile quality of the final print.

Swearing was encouraged!

Letterpress printed in Melbourne by Amy Constable of Saint Gertrude. You can buy the highly touchable print here: