I love display typefaces that harness the vibrancy of custom lettering and the precision of digital tools. My own typefaces are no exception. They are available from MyFonts, Fontspring and Adobe Typekit.


Rig Solid extends your graphic design toolkit with a range of powerful 3D fonts. Its striking styles add depth and texture your typography, while the hardy solid styles provide a hefty punch to your graphics.
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Rig Shaded is an innovative 3D type family with a geometric sans serif at its heart. Its four weights include eye-catching halftone shading that accentuate Rig's solid appearance.  As its name suggests, Rig is designed as a framework to support a range of striking 3D effects.


Brim is inspired by antique wood type and chromatic type from the 1800s. Its various styles stack together creating a huge variety of decorative combinations.
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Brim Combined makes it even easier to achieve striking headlines on the web with three stand-alone styles combined from the acclaimed Brim Narrow family. Buy Brim Combined