Chocolate Ampersands

I'm a total chocaholic, so this packaging design seems a fitting tribute to my addiction. This concept, born out of a project that didn't end up going ahead, was inspired by the Pouchée wood alphabets. The illustrated ampersands matched with flecked, textured paper aim to evoke an early Victorian packaging feel.

While creating the lettering for the brand ‘Albert & Rose’, I thought the lettering would make a fun, layered typeface. It will be available soon in Narrow (as shown) and Wide versions.


The shadow is drawn optically (rather than a true shadow), to strengthen particular areas of the character.

The ampersand illustrations were based on many, many sketches. Each design follows a simple underlying structure within the letter that helps the eye more easily comprehend the whole design. The sketches were scanned and then meticulously redrawn digitally.

Process Notes:

I made several studies of a variety of ‘Fatface’ ampersands, including the Pouchée ampersands and those with more modern proportions. I redrew the characters, taking particular note of their weight, structure and ability to work with a strong shadow (without clogging up the arm or counter spaces) and overall suitability to accommodate decoration.

The main diagonal is curved and swollen to better accommodate illustration.


This project was featured in Print Magazines's 10 Remarkable Shadow Type & Lettering Designs