I love display typefaces that blend the vibrancy of custom lettering with precision of digital tools. My own fonts are no exception. They are available from Adobe Typekit, Fontspring and MyFonts.

Rig Shaded

Rig Shaded is a 3D type family with distinctive halftone shading that emphasises its solid appearance. As its name suggests, Rig's geometric  letterforms are have been designed as a framework to support a range of striking 3D effects. 

It has four versatile weights including a unique ‘zero’ weight.  Each character has been designed to ensure maximum clarity and harmony when combined with 3D effects. Download the Rig Shaded Specimen.

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Brim Narrow

Brim is inspired by antique wood type and chromatic type from the 1800s. Its various styles stack together creating a variety of decorative combinations. Warm and tactile, Brim produces punchy headlines and decorative titles. Perfect for posters, packaging and logotypes. Download the Brim Narrow specimen.

Brim Narrow features in the following articles:

Brim Combined

Brim Combined packs all of the character of Brim Narrow into three striking styles. Brim Combined makes it even easier to add punchy headlines and sophisticated titles on your website. This flattened version of Brim does not require professional design software to use and is compatible with Microsoft Word. 

My typefaces are available from Adobe Typekit and MyFonts.