Photo by  Sarah Ann Wright  at Clerkenwell Design Week. 

Photo by Sarah Ann Wright at Clerkenwell Design Week. 

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About Jamie Clarke

I design illustrative lettering and decorative fonts. My approach is to blend imagery with lettering to enhance its message. This typographic style has found a home in branding and on packaging projects and book covers.

My background is originally in web design. I was Head of Design at Microsoft in Europe and then went on to form one of the UK’s top digital agencies. I worked with a range of well-known media and technology clients for over a decade at my agency before decided to specialise in type and lettering.

I refreshed my skills at the University of Reading, studying type design and then letterpress at the St. Bride Foundation in London.

Update: I've returned to the UK after living in Sydney for a few years, and have settled in the countryside just outside of Bristol. I’m currently working  on custom lettering projects and my own typeface designs. 

My fonts are available to download via Adobe Typekit or to buy at MyFonts.

Further information

I also run the popular blog, Type Worship, exploring the endless styles and trends leading the type and lettering world. I’m part of the team behind the typography magazine, 8 Faces, created by Elliot Jay Stocks, and I’ve written about type for several other publications.  

Selected articles and features:

Featured Publications

2013-2018 Typism Books 1,3,4, Finesse Press
2017 – Scripted, Custom Lettering in Graphic Design, Sandu Publishing
2017 – Type Tells Tales, Steven Heller, Gail Anderson
2017 – Expressive Type, Alex Fowkes
2016 – Sketching Type, Lee Sutey
2016 – 365 Typo, Étapes Editions